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Spectrum Technologies developed and delivered the original Night Blindness Solutions and Rapid Dark-Adapting Filters to our Special Operation Teams. These vision capabilities are designed for today’s Navigational Displays, Space/ Aerospace, Aviation Private/Commercial Rotary & Fixed-wing Aircraft, Surface/Subsurface Watercraft, Military Land Vehicles, Law Enforcement Land Vehicles and their Aviation Assets, Firefighting Vehicles, and their Aviation Assets.

orion filters Validated

ORION NIGHT VISION FILTERS – AEWE FINAL REPORT STATES: “…During the experiment no limitation[s] were documented or identified…[plus] the ORION filters were well like by the Soldiers and displayed its claimed capabilities throughout the experiment. The ORION Night Vision Filters enhanced night time clarity when using night vision devices, eliminating night blindness, and reducing the war fighter’s visual signature…”

ORION COMBAT EYEWEAR – AEWE FINAL REPORT STATES: the [ORION] eyewear allows for nearly immediate [dark] adaption…[and] is best demonstrated in rapidly changing light environments associated with battle field conditions, including urban warfare “…Spectrum [Combat Eyewear] selectively regulates individual wavelengths of light to minimize the sensations of glare (overwhelming brightness) and…Scene sharpness [visual

ORION Night Vision Filters – US NAVY (CRANE) RESEARCH:

“…It appears that the Orion [Night Vision] Filter does not affect the photopic vision very much… thereby maintaining better dark adaption after using NVGs and should reduce the time to dark adapt after exposure to bright light…”

ORION Night Vision Filters – US AIR FORCE RESEARCH (Aeromedical):

“…the study identified a 47% improvement in preservation of dark adaption under simulated starlight conditions and a 31% improvement under simulated quarter moon conditions…”

ABSTRACT SYNOPSIS – Veterinary Dog Study:

An October 2012 Veterinary Research Study concludes dogs wearing ORION Filters have significantly reduced dark adaption times. Study results show a statistically significant enhancement of rod cell functionality, immediately and during the first 5+ minutes of darkness. “Significantly enhanced” is supported by a statistical confidence limit of p<0.05 or probability of these results occurring solely by chance is less than 5%.  This is a standard threshold for interpretation of experimental results.

Dogs were pre-conditioned in a bright light environment wearing Orion Filters, along with a control group without ORION Filters. The “dark response” of rod cells for both groups was measured by electroretinograms (ERGs) which determine rod cell functionality when the dogs were placed in a dark environment. 

Dr. Gary Kovener, PhD Optical Physics, Chief Technical Officer, Spectrum Technologies International, Ltd.


Ballistic ORION Combat Eyewear Filters provide rapid dark/light transitional capabilities during quickly changing light conditions – day and night. ORION4Sight Combat Eyewear Filters lenses are a darker shade designed for bright snow, water, or desert applications. Both eyewear styles improve scene contrast, increase color saturations and reduce eye strain. No similar rapid dark adapting Eyewear Technologies are available.

ORION Combat Eyepiece Filters

ORION Filters mounted over the eyepiece of thermal and fusion weapon sights increase image contrast, increase color saturation, enhance red/green reticle displays, reduce eye fatigue and alleviates night vision blindness.


ORION Bomb suit Filters increase color saturation of explosive components, improve image/scene contrast, reduce eye strain, reduce night vision blindness and allows very rapid dark/light eye adaption during quickly changing light conditions. These ORION Filters are currently deployed by select US Embassy EOD Teams, US Sheriff EOD Teams, and select FBI EOD Teams. No similar bomb suit Filter Technologies are available.


ORION Night Vision Filters are mounted on the eyepiece of night vision goggles, thermal imaging systems, and fusion systems. These patented, fielded, and ITAR regulated optical-grade filters significantly reduce night blindness and significantly reduce eye fatigue, plus reduce the “green light splash” on a soldier’s face by 75% making him/her considerably less visible on the battlefield.


ORION’s Patented and Trade Secret protected Touch Screen Display Filters are the first practical functional, and deployable screen solutions that establish natural physiological dark adaption while viewing any electronic display screen. No similar rapid dark adapting Eyewear Technologies are available.


ORION’s Patented and Trade Secret protected Display Screen Filters and/or ORION Combat Eyewear are the first practical, functional, and deployable solutions that maintain and establish natural physiological dark adaption while viewing any electronic display screen. They reduce night vision blindness, plus allow very rapid dark/light eye adaption. No similar rapid dark adapting Eyewear Technologies are available.



  • Seal Team 6: The biggest advantage was being able to walk from direct sunlight into a dimly lit hallway and still be able to see as if I had been inside the whole time. This is an awesome advantage in my line of work.
  • FBI Special Agent, Bagram Afghanistan: Thanks for keep us in the fight by keeping us safe…life, limb
    and eyesight. 
  • Active Duty, USAF: I used the [ORION Combat Eyewear] outside of the wire and have had zero problems…
    I especially like the night time transition from day to night…and having this extreme advantage in the field.



  • FBI & JTTF: …our SWAT team moved down a dark hallway leading to a meth lab on a dark humid night. The second man using an ORION Night Vision Filter saw a trip wire other members failed to see. The trip wire was booby trapped, and if spilled, it would have produced a deadly poison gas. The single ORION Filter gave us detail that saved our officers from injury and possible death.
  • Navy Special Operator: I was able to flip up my nods [and] I wasn’t night blind. Thanks for this good product and I’m 100% behind you.
  • Special Team Operator: The ORION Night vision filters saved my life. I was in a firefight. The tango was about 20-meters away. I could see him. He could not see me.
  • US Army Sniper: …the lead instructor shouted “get you a$$es over here and checkout this new [ORION] filter!” His response was [the ORION Night Vision Filter] gave us High Def night vision.
  • 223rd Special Tactics Squadron, Director of Operations: Recommendation – enough ORION Night Vision Filters to accommodate all NVGs in the inventory and should be purchased as soon as possible. 
  • Flight Captain with major international airline: The ORION Eyewear allows pilot vision to transition from outside the cockpit to inside the cockpit, and vice versa freely and with immediate natural adaption of the eyes. These features provide a salient and significant advantage over other glasses. The ORION Eyewear Filters also provide a noticeable enhancement and increased clarity outside of the cockpit.
  • USAF Captain: …The difference was immediately noticeable and the ORION Night Vision Filters provided a dramatically clearer image with halo/noise affect. It was a very-low illumination night with bad weather I was able to see clearly in all situations. The pilots also tried the ORIONs and agreed the image was dramatically superior and easier on their eyes.



Harmful electronic blue light cannot be seen by the human eye and is emitted from laptops, computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, TVs, fluorescent, and CFL bulbs. Continuous exposure causes migraine headaches and interrupts circadian sleep cycles, plus triggers cognitive dysfunctions that reduce verbal/nonverbal learning, short-term memory loss and impairs visual/auditory learning which negates work productivity.



Patented ORION Filter Technologies are the best blue light solutions available. No similar technologies are available to US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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Kirk Kreutzig
President – Founder – Innovator

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