Orion Filters contain stand-alone scientifically researched and proven market-ready disruptive technologies that are patented, patent pending, or trade secret protected.

Core Orion optical eyewear filters and therapeutic eyewear appear to reduce visual discomforts resulting from many medically diagnosed visual ailments in military, law enforcement, and civilian market space.

Core Orion military and law enforcement technologies are patented and save American lives, plus improve human vision during extreme lighting conditions.

Core Orion military and law enforcement technologies are the first successful, functional, and marketable solution for rapid transitional vision between dark/light/dark environments.

Core Orion technologies appear to mitigate post-concussive symptoms of photophobia (hyper-sensitivity to all light) resulting from traumatic brain injury (tbi), plus post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) also resulting from head trauma.

Orion optical eyewear filters, Orion4Sight eyewear, and Orion dark adaption screen filters modulate potentially harmful blue light.

Established in 2001, Pleiadian Holdings, Ltd., is an American Company located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and embodies Spectrum Technologies International, Ltd., plus other affiliated corporations. These entities innovate and deliver highly specialized vision solutions to our US Special Operation Commands, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. This Spectrum website describes sensitive information that encompasses trade secrets and DOC/ITAR/patented technologies belonging exclusively to Pleiadian Holdings, Ltd., and/or its affiliated entities, including US Patent No. 8,699,158, US Patent No. 8,226,251, US Patent No. 6,158,865, US Patent No. 4,542,959, US Patent No. 2018/0321482 A1. Certain Spectrum products are or may be designated as Defense Articles under Category XII(e) of the United States Munitions List or regulated by the US Department of Commerce and subject to the export licensing jurisdiction of the US Department of State in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22CFR through 130).


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Pleiadian Holdings, Ltd., embodies Spectrum Technologies International, Ltd., ORION4Sight, Ltd., and ORION4Sight Therapeutic Eyewear, Ltd., plus other affiliated corporations located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

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